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It's Just the Way It Was

Inside the War on the New England Mob

In That’s Just the Way It Was: Inside the War on the New England Mob and other stories, Joe Broadmeadow and Brendan Doherty take you inside the investigations, covert surveillances, and murky world of informants in the war against Organized Crime.

Make no mistake about it, it was a war targeting the insidious nature of the mob and their detrimental effect on Rhode Island and throughout New England.

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“Brendan Doherty & Joe Broadmeadow's new book " It's Just the Way It Was " is a gripping, in-depth, insider point of view from the lawman who saw it all. The Federal Hill politics of the street law & order, decided with the barrel of a gun, will never be told better... “

Joe Pantoliano

Ralphie Cifaretto from

The Soprano's.

“It’s Just the Way it Was tells the inspiring story of a principled young man who resisted the pressure of delinquency, played a crucial role in dismantling the Rhode Island mob, and rose to lead one of the finest state police organizations in the country.”

Col. Rick Fuentes, ret.

NJ State Police

(Served as Superintendent of NJSP for 16 years)

Choices: You Make 'em You Own 'em

Rage  Regrets  Redemption

The Jerry Tillinghast Story

In his own words, Jerry Tillinghast speaks out about Vietnam, his reputation as a "feared mob enforcer." and the choices that led him into the life. 

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If I was asked to sum up my thoughts on this book in one word it would have to be fascinating!! Could not put the book down. Being a Rhode Islander I remember bits and pieces of the stories detailed in the book. Joe Broadmeadow did a wonderful job in writing this true story. "Choices" is a must read of a very compelling true story.

5 Star Amazon Review